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Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation is meant to answer questions.  Whether you are referred by your family physician because you think your child may be demonstrating symptoms of ADHD or perhaps having problems socializing or making his or her grades, or perhaps you are noticing anxiety or depressive feelings that you don't understand.

 We provide evaluations for those who worry that they might be demonstrating symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease or other dementing illness.  

We offer pre-employment psychological evaluation for law enforcement and fire departments as well as pre-surgical evaluations prior to weight loss surgery and involvement in certain treatment programs such as pain management.

 Testing can be a quick and effective tool for treatment planning or to answer questions you may have.  From helping you choose a vocation to helping your Physician determine how to help you best, let us help you explore how we can help you make your life better. 

Psychological Evaluation: Service
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